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  • Originally held on March 25, 2014


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Purchasing With Your Federal Grant Funds — OMB’s Reform Blueprint

March 25, 2014 Webinar - Listen On-Demand or Get a CD!

While some changes stemming from OMB’s recent grants reform effort aren’t causing much angst, others – such as new procurement standards – involve significant differences from the previous policies. This webinar is organized to help you assess your grant purchasing practices and procedures in light of the new OMB guidance.

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OMB’s New Grant Purchasing Blueprint — Are You Ready?

To cap off their two-year review and reform effort, the Office of Management and Budget has crafted lots of new policies that will form the critical mass of requirements that recipients and subrecipients of federal grants will face for years to come. In releasing the comprehensive uniform administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements on December 26, 2013, OMB gave all grant stakeholders plenty to review and ponder.

Some of the changes are simply new packaging. While these will take some getting used to, they aren’t causing much angst. Other changes, however, involve significant differences from the previous policies that were presented in separate circulars and applied to only one sector of the federal grants community. A case in point is the new procurement standards; these will govern how goods and services are purchased and how organizations assure that they get what they pay for.

Colleges and universities, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations perhaps have the most to worry about. The length and breadth of what will be required is likely to necessitate a top-to-bottom review of existing purchasing manuals and the methods used to buy the things needed to carry out their federal assistance awards.

State governments, on the other hand, will experience little change. They are told to keep using state law and procedure for their grant purchasing just as they have for the last 25 years. Other local governmental units, however, will see some beefed-up procedures that go somewhat beyond what they’ve faced in the past.

This webinar is organized to help you assess your grant purchasing practices and procedures in light of the new OMB guidance. You’ll learn:

  • Mandated procurement integrity procedures like required features of your code of conduct
  • What is viewed as a “less-than-arm’s length” relationship
  • Expectations for acquisition planning and consideration of purchase alternatives
  • Acceptable purchase methods and when they should be employed
  • Required features of solicitation documents like invitations for bids and requests for proposals
  • Required competition procedures and proper justification for any departures
  • Documentation to support purchasing decisions
  • Clauses required to be in purchase orders and contracts, and others that it’s sensible to include
  • Available tools to pursue contractor compliance and performance

Level: Basic
Prerequisites: Some knowledge of federal grants management is helpful but not necessary
Advanced preparation: None

Hand-out Materials

Attendees will receive presentation slides as well as access to background documents.

Course Instructor

BOB LLOYD is a respected authority on policies and practices affecting the award, administration and oversight of federal grants, contracts and subawards. Mr. Lloyd has more than 40 years of experience in federal award implementation. Prior to starting his management consulting practice in Washington, D.C., in 1982, he served as the executive director of the Grants Management Advisory Service and held staff positions in two large federally funded organizations. Since then, he has been a consultant, trainer or advisor to award and audit units in 16 federal award-making departments and agencies, and to recipient and subrecipient organizations and their professional advisors located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, several U.S. territories and 18 foreign countries. He is the principal author of several reference works on federal grants management and audits, and currently serves as contributing editor to Federal Grants News, published by Atlantic Information Services. He also is a Charter Life Member of the National Grants Management Association and served on its Board of Directors for five years.

Who Should Attend?

  • Finance directors
  • Purchasing agents
  • Grant and contract managers
  • Sponsored programs administrators
  • Accounting staff
  • Program managers
  • Principal investigators and other research staff
  • Internal auditors
  • External auditors

Allowable Charges

The costs of webinars sponsored by Federal Fund Management Advisor are allowable charges to your federal grants and subgrants. Each of the sets of federal cost principles issued by OMB for federal awards administered by state, local, and tribal governments, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations explicitly states that the costs of training for employee development and vocational effectiveness are allowable. For your records, the specific citations are:

  • OMB Circular A-21 (2 CFR 220), Appendix A, Paragraph J.51—Colleges and Universities
  • OMB Circular A-87 (2 CFR 225), Appendix B, Paragraph 42—State, Local and Tribal Governments
  • OMB Circular A-122 (2 CFR 230), Appendix C, Paragraph 49(a)—Nonprofit Organizations

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Purchasing With Your Federal Grant Funds — OMB’s Reform Blueprint

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